10 Remodeling Myths You've Probably Heard

By Sam Ferris

Few things are more human than myths. That said, it?s time to quit listening to what your father-in-law?s sister?s brother?s cousin told you about remodeling your home. We?ve spent some time dismantling common remodeling myths that we hear every day. Find out if what you?ve heard is true below:
1)?You can?t install wood floors in your kitchen
Oh, but you can. We?re not sure where or why this remodeling myth came about. Hardwood floors work just fine in kitchens. Since hardwood floors are more susceptible to humidity and moisture, make sure you wipe up all spills quickly and that you?re aware of moisture around your floors.

2)?Do-It-Yourself projects save money
Professionals are your friend, and they?re in business for good reason. Unless you have construction or remodeling experience under your belt, DIY remodeling projects are risky. Why? A single mistake could end up costing you more money (and time) than it would?ve to hire a professional. Remodel Seattle Magazine says it?s an especially daunting task when DIY remodeling projects involve wiring and flooring installation. ?

?3)?Carpet is hard to clean
Not anymore. Carpet has actually evolved tremendously over the past 15 years or so. Today?s carpet features heavily-coiled fibers and stain-resistant coats that make it much more durable. With Mohawk?s Smartstrand Silk carpet, for example, most stains come out with just water and a rag. We?re not even joking.

4)?You can?t install natural stone in showers
Feel free to go back to the Stone Age, baby. As long as you seal the natural stone installed in your shower and ensure installation was completed with the proper waterproofing methods, it?ll be fine. Make sure to reseal your natural stone very 1-2 years and clean it well before doing so. And in case you don?t believe us, click here to see natural stone shower installations we?ve done.

5)?Carpet causes allergies
Does carpet cause allergies? No. It usually doesn?t make your allergies worse, either. It?s true that carpet is a breeding ground for allergens, though that?s actually a good thing. According to the American Latex Allergy Association, carpet packs allergens in so tightly between its fibers that it helps prevent allergens from going airborne. We?re not doctors, but we?re pretty sure that?s good news for your sinuses.

6)?Granite is hard to take care of
You?re probably confusing granite with quartz, because taking care of granite countertops couldn?t be easier. All it takes is a few sprays of special cleaner or water with mild detergent, and you?re done. Some quartz countertops are actually difficult to take care of because they pick up colors from objects and scratch easily. Not the case with granite.

7)?Ceramic is better than porcelain
Like, no! It?s more than apples and oranges. For starters, it?s all about what porcelain and ceramic are made of. Ceramic, clay (basically dirt). Porcelain, glass and silicon. So there?s that. Not to mention color-body porcelain is highly resistant to scratches due to having the same color throughout (the design you see on ceramic tiles is only on the surface, like a glaze). And ceramic isn?t bad ? porcelain is just your best bet when it comes to durable tile.

8)?Carpet is out of style
Not so, says the U.S. Census Bureau. According to 2010 U.S. housing data, more households installed carpet than they did hardwood, tile, laminate and vinyl flooring. Surprised? Tile, and especially wood look tile, can certainly look more contemporary, but if you like sinking your feet into a super soft surface, don?t feel guilty. It?s not like you?re thinking about green shag carpet styles from the 70s (in that case, yeah, we?d judge you).

9)?Remodeling is always expensive
Is it ever cheap? No. But despite what you?ve heard, budget remodeling is actually a thing. Just make sure your expectations are realistic. You?re not getting a kitchen straight from Hearst Mansion on a $5,000 budget. You can remodel your kitchen from drab to fab with sleek countertops and a cabinet paint makeover, though.

10)?Granite emits fumes
There has been a lot of controversy with this remodeling myth, partly because of a New York Times article published back in 2008. To be fair, the Environmental Protection Agency doesn?t rule out the possibility of granite countertops emitting moderate to high levels of radon, a toxic chemical linked to increased rates of lung cancer, on a case-by-case basis. However, the EPA notes that current evidence is insufficient to conclude that granite countertops emit moderate to high levels of toxic fumes with regularity. Breathe easy.