2015 Kitchen Remodeling Trends

By Sam Ferris
Photo courtesy of Cambria USA
It?s no secret that the kitchen is the heart of the home. It?s where we socialize; it?s where feed ourselves. ?In short, it?s where we live. And just like the biological heart, your kitchen has to age well. A good dose of current remodeling trends is one way to make sure it does.

So, what's trending? Nearly every facet of interior design is moving toward minimal, functional design. Kitchens are no exception. The National Kitchen and Bath Association?s (NKBA) latest report on industry trends confirms this. Released in January, these are the NKBA's top 10 kitchen design trends for 2015:
  • ?Clean, contemporary, and a fusion of styles
  • ?European-styled cabinets
  • ?Multiples of appliances in the same kitchen
  • Steam ovens
  • Furniture-style pieces
  • Outdoor kitchens
  • Less standard kitchen tables
  • TVs and docking stations
  • Wine refrigerators
  • User experience

There are more, of course. Along with the NKBA?s report, we?ve listened to what the top home improvement sources are saying about today?s kitchen designs. Without further ado, here?s what you should be incorporating into your kitchen design this year:

Bold Brass
Photo courtesy of K. Marshall Design.
As Freshome declares, brass is back. Brass was a hot commodity last fall, and it?s still going strong, especially in kitchen designs. Freshome says pendants, knobs, handles and faucets are your best bet for this trend. Industrial d?cor can help you tie it all together.

This isn?t your ?80s brass, though. The key here is to incorporate via smaller accessories as opposed to furniture pieces and countertops. Modern brass is much more toned down and industrial, so don?t overdo it. Strategically place it throughout your kitchen for the right amount of oomph.?

Curve Appeal
A herringbone patterned backsplash. Photo courtesy of Sonoma Tilemakers.
Your New Year?s resolution should have been to get your backsplash into shape: circles, rectangles, herringbones, and other geometric shapes, that is. Styleathome says the herringbone pattern will be particularly big this year, whether it?s natural stone, glass, or ceramic. Feel free to experiment with textures, too. Instead of a glossy, smooth finish, go matte or distressed.?

European-styled Cabinets
European-styled cabinet design features slab drawer fronts and sleek colors. Photo courtesy of John Maniscalco Architecture.
They?re designing sleek, minimal cabinets across the pond. The NKBA has European-styled cabinets as a top 10 2015 kitchen design trend. Think modern when buying European-inspired cabinets: slab drawer fronts, unified color, glossy finish and efficient design.?

Function and Storage
Photo courtesy of Freshome.
It isn?t just about how your kitchen looks anymore. That?s a huge part of it, sure. But as the clich? goes, beauty is only skin deep. It?s more about how your kitchen works. Is it efficient? Is it functional? Current kitchen remodeling trends answer these questions with an emphatic ?yes.??

Most importantly, navigating your kitchen shouldn?t be a workout. Make sure you leave enough walkway space between two cabinet ends, for example. About three feet is recommended.

You also shouldn?t have a tough time grabbing the items you need to cook. These two rule-of-thumbs will make sure you won?t work up a sweat:
  • Eliminate blind corner cabinets.?Not only does it turn into a junk bin that you never use, but it also isn?t easy to access. There?s a lot of bending and reaching involved that, frankly, isn?t convenient for anyone. A Lazy Susan is an effective use of space and highly functional ? buy one.?

Farmhouse Mod
Farmhouse mod combines simple and industrial styles. Photo courtesy of Cambria Style.
Cambria Style magazine calls farmhouse a ?quintessentially American style.? If there?s one thing you should know, it?s that America never goes out of style.? The proof is in the pudding: today?s kitchens are recreating the farmhouse look of yore with a modern twist, from contemporary white apron sinks to new flooring that looks like reclaimed barn wood. The look taps into interior design?s shift toward minimal, simplistic designs.

According to Cambria Style, Interior designer Lisa Knight, of Lisa Lynn Designs in Lousiville, KY, says a black and white color motif is the way to go with farmhouse mod. Contrast dark cabinets with a pure white backsplash, for example.

Here are other ways to get the farmhouse mod look:?
  • Use rustic and industrial d?cor.
  • Go with simple cabinet door styles. Don?t get fancy.?
  • Weathered wood flooring is the best way to go, whether it?s real wood, vinyl, or wood look porcelain.
  • Opt for open shelf cabinets for a cleaner design. Glass cabinet fronts help too.?
  • Choose stainless steel appliances. A chimney style range hood is a plus.?

Furnished Islands
Forget kitchen tables. Islands are the new centerpiece of kitchen design. The 2015 Kitchen & Bath Design Trends report says kitchens are more centered around counter space than they are tables. Larger islands ? from 7 to 10 feet long and up to 36 inches deep ? offer more space for homeowners to cook and prepare meals. They also leave enough room to comfortably seat 3-6 guests.

But if your island is going to replace a piece of furniture, it has to look the part. That?s why homeowners are designing islands with these decorative features:
  • Roped legs
  • Matching end panels
  • Molding
  • Accent pieces
  • Shelves
These features give islands the furniture appearance without sacrificing function. They?re fashionable, too.?

Glass Door Fronts
Photo courtesy of M.A Architecture.
Better Homes and Gardens says glass door fronts are one of the top current cabinetry trends. What type of glass should you buy? Clear glass is a contemporary choice. Frosted and seeded glass panes can work with the right design but are a more traditional option.?

Done right, glass door fronts are a clean, decorative addition to your wall cabinets. Just make sure to clear away the clutter first ? all of your finest dishes and utensils will be on display for your guests to see. ?

Mixed Styles
This or that? More like this and that. Whether contrasting color schemes, clashing design motifs, or multi-colored cabinets, interior designers are mixing and matching in 2015. The biggest mix and match trend will continue to be multi-colored cabinets, especially islands that double as accent pieces.

The NKBA says a rustic/contemporary design style is today?s modern, but that rustic, Tuscan, and Provincial designs are clearly outdated. Homeowners should also steer clear from red, bronze and terra cotta color schemes.

So what color schemes should you incorporate? Here?s the dish on what?s popular:
  • According to the NKBA, white and gray are the most sought-after color schemes this year.
  • About 20 percent of survey respondents expected to design a black or blue kitchen this year.
  • 40 percent designed a kitchen with green tones in 2014.?

So Long, Furdowns
Furdowns are the empty space between the top of your wall cabinets and the ceiling. Photo courtesy of Wellborn Cabinets.
A trend in the 80s and 90s, the furdown is the empty space between the top of your wall cabinets and the ceiling. But interior designers are now doing away with it, for a couple of reasons:
  • It?s a waste of space.?Unless you?re planning to decorate, furdowns are essentially useless. You can?t store dishes, pots, or pans up there. Remember, function is at the forefront of 2015 kitchen remodeling trends.?
  • It interrupts your cabinet design.?With the way interior design is shifting toward cohesive, unified looks, furdowns certainly stick out like a crooked wall. Making your wall cabinets large enough to fill the gap gives you extra storage space and better showcases your cabinet design. ??

Some furdowns are still well-executed (like the kitchen above). For a contemporary tweak, use two different lengths of wall cabinets for a staggered effect. It?s just jarring enough to be trendy.?

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