2015's Hottest Interior Design Trends

By Sam Ferris

Reading about interior design trends is kind of like cheating on your diet. One little taste is enough to unravel everything you?ve invested in your home (or body) over the past several months, but you still do it.

It?s not all bad, though. For the remodeling homeowner, interior design trends are a valuable asset in deciding what?s practical and what?s valuable investment-wise. And if you?re stuck with what you?ve got, trends can be a type of cafeteria line, where you pick and choose what works for your home and what won?t ? without feeling guilty.

That said, we?ve diligently researched what the experts are saying about what will take front and center in 2015, and also added our own predictions for what?s hot. Here?s the skinny on 2015?s hottest interior design trends.

Photo courtesy of Pantone Color Institute,/i>
Pantone Color of the Year: Marsala
If Pantone says it?s trendy, it?s trendy. 2015?s Color of the Year is in the same vein as this year?s Radiant Orchid, but Marsala is a more organic choice than its predecessor. Expect to see the rustic red?s matte finish in florals, accessories, wall colors and more. The Pantone Color Institute says it chose the hue partly because of its gender-neutral appeal, comparing the romantic red to a fortified wine. We?ll ?cheers? to that.?

Check out Marsala color pairings here.
Olive Green ?
We love olive green, and the masses will too in 2015. House Beautiful suggests an olive green cabinet motif, but we?re thinking that could be too dark for a cooking space. Instead, be on the prowl for kitchen backsplashes with pops of olive green, like the one above. The main advantage the color has is the fact that it?s neutral. As a result, it should complement the majority of color tones you choose to pair it with.
Photo courtesy of Houzz
Greek Blue
Another House Beautiful recommendation, we?ve seen firsthand the appeal Mediterranean blue has with consumers. It?s vibrant and warm, plus it reminds us of summer. For the true-blue trendy homemaker, use Greek blue primarily for seasonal decorating with pillows, blankets, pictures, and other accessories. If Mediterranean blue has you mesmerized, though, make it a permanent feature in your home with Talavera tile, which happens to pair extremely well with Saltillo tile.

Kitchen and Bath Trends
Photo courtesy of Houzz
Heavy Metal
The biggest dish on kitchen trends is this: metallic is primed for the spotlight in 2015, according to Houzz contributor Natasha Saroca, whether it?s chrome, stainless steel, brass, copper, or bronze. Faucets, knobs, and light fixtures, sure. Those are a given. Even cooking and eating utensils. But for the daring, an all-brass island countertop could be the bold and beautiful design you?ve always dreamed of having. Like we?ve cautioned before, though, be conscious of the ever-so-fine line between chic and cheesy.

No, you?re not reading a misprint from 1992. The difference between then and 2015 will be how wallpaper is used. From Saroca?s piece on 2015 kitchen trends:

'"Wallpaper provides an easy way to add visual impact, even in small amounts,? [kitchen and bath designer] Hardcastle says. ?Wallpaper gives you the control of complementing the architectural elements throughout the kitchen or adding a beautiful contrast to an otherwise simple color palette.??

The implication: kitchen wallpaper next year will function as an accent piece, not the piece in itself like it used to be. Apply it sparingly and with good judgment.
Furniture-inspired Designs
Despite trends toward efficient kitchens, it?s not all about function, says Saroca. It?s also about creating a personal space for families to enjoy. How do you that? With furniture-style pieces. And it appears she?s right: About 56 percent of respondents to the National Kitchen and Bath Association?s design trends survey in 2014 said they expected to do more furniture-type pieces. Saroca?s piece suggests a furniture-inspired island, and we wouldn?t object. One of our client?s did the island above in her kitchen and we love the results.
Quartz is King
More than 70 percent of respondents to the NKBA?s design trends survey said they saw quartz countertop usage increasing. Though we?re waiting for the 2015 survey, it?s safe to say quartz will continue its reign on top next year, too. Why? Interior design is moving away from clutter. Quartz is clean and generally lacks the movement you find in granite countertops, so it?s a more contemporary option.

Earlier this year, we wrote that decorating with plants and nature-inspired accessories would be a big summer interior design trend. That trend will continue to grow in 2015, according to the NKBA. More and more kitchens are incorporating organic elements, with some even opting for garden-like installations. If you?re not a green thumb, don?t worry. A few potted plants or other nature-inspired decor throughout your kitchen or bathroom will suffice. ?
Photo courtesy of Apartment Therapy
Darker Tiles
White tile designs are certainly in vogue right now. But when both the Huffington Post and Apartment Therapy are telling you that black tiles are a huge bathroom trend, you perk up your ears and listen. The benefit with black tiles, as Apartment Therapy points out, is that they?re a run-of-the-mill color choice. In other words, you won?t be shaking your head at your (lack of) taste when 2030 rolls around. Dark tiles are also a bold choice, so if you want a statement-making bathing space, hop on this bandwagon.

Flooring Trends

Forever Clean Smartstrand Carpet
It?s all in the name. There was a time when carpet was the least durable flooring around. Mohawk changed that. The flooring company has spent the past 15 years perfecting its Smartstrand carpet, and now the Forever Clean style has a lifetime stain resistance built into the core of the fiber. Here?s what?s new about it:

  • An innovative fiber engineered allowing fibers to bounce back, making it more resilient.
  • OEKO-TEX certified free of harmful substances. We love clean and green.
  • Nanoloc Spill Shield that ?encapsulate[s] the fiber with a complete spill and soil shield.? We?re not scientists, but we?re pretty sure that?s a good thing.
In a nutshell: Forever Clean is a durable, sustainable brand of carpet like never before, and we?re expecting it to be a trend in 2015, especially considering the 2010 U.S. housing data survey indicated households installed carpet more than any other type of flooring.
Photo courtesy of Marazzi USA
Stone and Wood
So what happens when wood and stone are both popular interior design trends? You combine them, duh. You?ve seen the look before, but not like this: Marazzi USA puts both styles together into a single piece of tile. It?s just enough contrast to stimulate the eye in the best of ways, and it?s not too busy, either.
Photo courtesy of Houzz
Real Hardwood
Wood looks in general will be a huge interior design trend in 2015, but don?t brush off real hardwood floors. You?ll definitely see this old-fashioned flooring style converge with contemporary design trends. How? Consumers will buy hardwood floors in bigger and wider planks, or in multi-width planks (3-5-7-inch), so that the installation looks cleaner and more minimal.

Cleaner Tile
Keep an eye out for cleaner, minimal tile patterns in 2015. Tile styles with less movement and variation will continue to dominate design choices, especially light greys, white carrara marble, taupe, and other solid-color glazes.

Ready to take the leap and remodel your home in 2015? We?ll help you design your dream room ? with these trends in mind, of course. Click here to set up an appointment with one of our designers!