5 Cinco de Mayo Musts

By Sam Ferris

Celebrating Cinco de Mayo is easy. Doing it the right way? Well, that?s what we?re here for. Before you run to your favorite taqueria and stuff your face with burritos, check out these five must-haves if you?re gonna fiesta.
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Mol?, Mol?, Mol?
Mol? poblano sauce is huge, huge, HUGE in Puebla, so you?d really be digging deep into the celebration?s roots with this one. You?ve probably already tried it, and you?re probably nodding your head as you read this. But for those who haven?t, know that there?s a lot of chile involved, among other things like chocolate, nuts, onions and garlic. Serve over chicken and salivate.

Local eats: Corpus Christi?s Mol? restaurant offers authentic Mexican cuisine and, you guessed it, mol? dishes. We recommend. 6042 SPID, 361-334-6081, molerestaurant.com
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The Other ?Mole
Oh, guacamole. If it?s not dousing our tacos and salad, we?re definitely dipping our chips in it. It?s good with almost anything, plus you get an authentic taste of 16th century Aztec culinary genius. Serve it in terra cotta pots for both style points and lots of love from us.?
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Knowing the Season?s Reason
If you?re toasting to Mexico?s independence, promptly put your drink down and think again. We?re happy you?re all gung-ho about it and everything, but the anniversary of Mexican independence isn?t celebrated until September 16. What you should be toasting to is the 1862 Battle of Puebla, where the Mexican army defeated France in a small, east-central Mexican town called Puebla de Los Angeles.
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Capturing the Culture
No, this isn?t about donning sombreros and sarapes. Well, maybe. It doesn?t hurt. It?s just more about the little things you can do to truly imbibe Mexican culture. Try setting your table with vibrant red and green napkins to pay homage to Mexico?s colors. Or, hang floral and festive pi?atas around the house. Something. And there?s a reason two of these musts are food - it?s the best way to acquaint yourself with tradition.?
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A Mean Margarita
What?s a mean margarita? This. And this. The meanest of all, and one we?re dying to try come Monday, is the Food Network?s jalapeno margarita recipe. As if the tequila isn?t a big enough kick, pulse a jalapeno with celery leaves and lime juice (um, yum?) and serve it on the rocks. Whichever type you choose, sipping on a tequila-infused concoction is a must, as is drinking responsibly.