By Sam Ferris

The holidays are practically here
You wouldn’t want your guests eating Thanksgiving dinner in an outdated dining room, would you? Didn’t think so. You’ll probably impress your mother-in-law, too.

Because you probably need it
Let’s face it: your home probably needs something fixed or replaced, and chances are you’ve been putting it off all year. Take the leap.

Spend now, save later
A University of Scranton study found spending less is one of the top-three New Year’s resolutions Americans make. Better to spend on remodeling now and refocus your budget efforts next year.

Everyone else is doing it
Yes, really. Not to play the peer pressure card (OK, we’re playing it), but consumers spend more on residential construction in October-December than any other month, and it's been that way since 2010. Stay a step ahead of the Joneses.

End of year sales
Most flooring retailers have sales and special financing offers during the last quarter. Nab the deals while they’re hot. 

Sources: Statistic Brain, U.S. Census Bureau