by Sam Ferris
Though these kitchens may find themselves in the spotlight, they haven't lost their small town charm.  In fact, the more you look at them, the more endearing they become. So take a closer look and prepare to be smitten. Between all the glass door fronts, furniture-style cabinets and simple color schemes, there's plenty to love about these seven country kitchen designs. 
Shades of Simplicity
There are facets of this kitchen that are overtly "country": namely, the window pane glass door fronts, double stacked wall cabinets, paneled refrigerator doors, and wooden bar chairs. 

Then there are more subtle relics of rural living, like the bow-tied seat cushions and the midcentury pastels that recall an era when the bustling suburbs were but a twinkle in America's eye. 

Equipped with all stainless steel appliances, the kitchen ensures that food prep is up to modern standards and not left behind in the backwoods. 

Time-Tested Textures
One can find time-tested textures in every nook and cranny of this kitchen. 

Wood cabinets with a handcrafted, antiqued finish are "country" in the truest sense of the word and give the appearance of age without sacrificing function. 

All of the copper - the faucet, drawer pulls and pots - were no doubt a staple in the country-style kitchens of yesteryear. Though the backsplash is ceramic, its stone glaze adds to the kitchen's aged exterior. And the final touch is open air shelves for dishware storage in lieu of wall cabinets. 

Brick and Bead Board
Opting for furniture-style cabinetry is an easy way to capture country feels. Notice the bulk of this kitchen's cabinets aren't traditional base and wall cabinets, but rather china cabinets, which showcase dishware instead of hiding it. 

The island combines bead board and decorative legs and tops them off with a butcher block countertop. The island is both functional and fashionable, as there's plenty of space for storage and decorating.

There's also a hint of the French countryside in this kitchen's expansive range area, housed in red brick. Together with the bead board, it's a country kitchen at heart. 

Big Character
Chalk this kitchen's charm up to its big personality: bead board finishes, offbeat appliances (a retro red stove), and a decorative range top that is, essentially, a fireplace mantel.

There's a lot going on, but it works. Perhaps what ties the look together is the character maple cabinets, full of knots and birthmarks. 

The hanging pots and pans keep the space open and inviting, as any true country kitchen should be.

Through the Looking Glass
Unabashedly open with its storage space, this kitchen incorporates window pane glass door fronts throughout its wall cabinets. It's the perfect way to make sure both the chef and guests feel right at home. 

The country touch continues with its Rainforest marble countertops, which provide a taste of country landscapes. The design also uses a stripped-down backsplash made out of bead board instead of safer choices like glass or ceramic. 

Rustic Feels
Venture toward the rustic side with natural finishes, like reclaimed wood or natural stone. This kitchen opts for travertine tile in a Versailles pattern, wooden ceiling beams, and a stone backsplash, all of which enhance its country feel.

The most striking features of the design are the massive stone range hood - a fine designer touch -  and the furniture-style island, with chunky decorative legs and shelf space. 

You can't go wrong with multi-colored cabinets, either. They're like layers of rust. 

Shabby Chic
Shabby Chic Country Kitchen
Photo courtesy of Cambria USA.
There's much to write home about with this shabby chic kitchen design, from the weathered cabinets and striped wallpaper to the midcentury pastels and ample open shelving. 

With pendant lighting and sleek quartz countertops, there are glints of modernity, too, but not enough to overshadow the kitchen's distinctly nostalgic style. 

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