The most exciting part about being a homeowner is getting to make a house into YOUR home, or as we like to call it here, Tukasa. Whether it be re-designing outdated features, finishing new builds, or accenting existing areas, we love helping our customers create the perfect space for their families and making their dream visions a reality.

At Tukasa Creations we thrive on partnerships that share the same values as we do. Debbie Stanford from Deb’s Interiors is the best of the best when it comes to her craft. One of her more recent projects, in the Corpus Christi area, highlights her talent and passion for interior design at its prime.
Debbie took her client's cooking needs into account. Adding this magnetic knife holder allows for easy access and saves space.

Her design process starts where most would never even think to begin. She interviews her clients to identify every need and desire they may have for their home. She asks clients about their artwork, appliances, or other decor in order to ensure everything has its designated space. For this latest kitchen remodel, she began by counting and measuring all her client’s appliances, dishes, pots, pans, and silverware. Debbie stacked the dinnerware and flatware to evaluate how her client could best store and display them. Her objective was for her client’s previous cramped and cumbersome kitchen to be transformed into a functional and welcoming space.
Widening this window brings in a large amount of natural light. It also allows the homeowners to enjoy their lucious green backyard.

One of the first items on the agenda was widening the narrow 32-inch doorway to the dining room as much as possible. Debbie recalled, “The main reason for widening the doorway was for aesthetics, of course. This allowed the home to have a more open concept. However, a less obvious consideration for this change was also to improve the functionality of the doorway for future use when it comes to moving large appliances like washers, dryers, and refrigerators.” Next, came converting the previous two windows overlooking the backyard into one. The purpose of this was two get rid of the 12-inch division between the two windows and create a larger deeper window that would bring the beautiful outdoor landscape, inside. Debbie added, “The window adds so much natural light into the kitchen. They had this gorgeous view outside. It was important that they be able to enjoy it even when indoors.”

The natural finish wood floating shelves are the perfect place to display the homeowner's handmade pottery acquired around the world.

Debbie also takes into account the hobbies and passions of her clients when designing their space for them. In this case, Debbie’s client had traveled all over the world acquiring special and unique pieces of pottery from different countries. It was important to both Debbie and her client that these pieces be properly displayed. They incorporated wood floating shelves that would allow the pieces to be admired while adding a natural warm touch to the grey Sonoma Tilemakers backsplash. Debbie also noted that her client enjoyed entertaining guests, making a bar area absolutely necessary. They used metal penny rounds to define the bar area. To achieve the modern look her clients desired, changing the materials in this area provided a visual separation between the kitchen and bar. Additionally, the cabinets in the bar area were designed to add maximum functionality while conserving the most space. The drawers are deep enough to store alcohol bottles out of sight while also remaining easily accessible. “I do not like my clients to feel like they are playing a guessing game whenever they are in their home. When everything has a custom place, it is easy to find. They do not have to open every drawer and cabinet to locate something. Everything has its special home,” Debbie emphasized.

Working with existing features can be a challenge for designers. With over 25 years of experience in interior design, Debbie is an expert of making new compliment old like these wood floors and new modern bar.

A big element of interior design is meticulously and creatively working with what is already existing in the home. After all, it is remodeling not building a new home. The perfect marriage between new and old must be achieved. In this instance, Debbie’s client wanted to keep the existing wood floors. They were beautiful and warm, so she incorporated cool tones in the rest of the design to achieve a modern transitional style. By using materials like the Cambria Ironsbridge counters, the grey subway tile, and the full-length glass doors, the kitchen transformed into an open, bright, warm, and inviting space.

This close up of the Dakota Sonoma Tilemakers backsplash demonstrates Debbie's attention to detail. All the details add up to create a dream open concept kitchen.

In the end, you cannot forget about the custom part when creating a custom kitchen. Stanford’s main goal was to build a kitchen using what her client already owned while achieving the modern style he desired. Stanford closed saying, “I wanted them to have a home for themselves and their belongings. I did not want him to settle for what was already existing.” There are so many spaces in this world, most that do not belong to us and are not made for us. Your home is the one space you can call your own, the one that should be made for you, and the one that you can truly call Tukasa.