Design Trends to Watch for in 2018

Kitchen Remodel
As the saying goes ?out with the old and in with the new? it?s time to once again start the new year. What better way to begin the new year than with a look at what new design trends 2018 has in store.

Have you been putting off a home remodeling project because you?re unsure of what direction you want to go in? I don?t blame you as there are more than a few directions you could choose from. However now that the holidays are over and the new year has begun it?s your opportunity to start afresh and what better way to do that than to remodel the space or spaces you spend so much of your time in.

More Storage

Most people dislike when the spaces they use most often, such as kitchens, are cluttered. Whether you use your kitchen more for cooking or entertaining you try your hardest to keep the area decluttered. Some days that can be more challenging than others, so adding built in cabinet storage features is one way to help reduce the clutter. According to a 2018 kitchen trend study that was conducted by Houzz homeowners prioritize storage above all other functions of a kitchen. Therefore it?s easy to see why the installation of more built in storage cabinets in the form of pullout trash and recycling bins, utensil and dish organizers, and revolving corner trays is becoming more and more popular.

Custom Cabinets
Quartz Countertops

Style and beauty is not far behind the need for storage on homeowner?s priority list. Upgrading countertops is a big ticket item when you embark on a remodeling job. As we head into 2018 you should be aware that quartz countertop popularity is on the rise. That?s not to say that people aren?t still installing granite countertops but when compared to quartz, the number of people choosing granite is continuing to decline. If you are interested in a further explanation on quartz countertops more information can be found here.

Quartz Countertop
Bolder Color Palette

Many designers are predicting a return of bolder and saturated color pallet for this year. Award winning designer Chad James agrees that people are moving more and more towards a richer color pallet in their homes. That being said there is something timeless about an all-white kitchen and in that sense white being used in kitchen designs will always be a classic choice. However even though white kitchens are far from going away this year, according to Houzz, people are wanting to see more color in their kitchens. The colors can range from darker colors like charcoal to more neutral colors like sage. In order to compliment the more colorful kitchens you can also expect rose gold, copper, and concrete accents to be on the rise.

Say Hello to Rose Gold

Rose gold as well as copper accents are beginning to be seen everywhere from appliances to flatware according to A-list interior designer Michael Berman . Berman says that adding touches of rose gold to your kitchen or bath design can take a space to the next level. In other words rose gold has the ability to add a touch of modern glamour and warmth to any space you choose.

Bathroom with Rose Gold Accents
Color of the Year

With the new year there is a sense of new beginnings and adventures that are waiting to unfold before us. In keeping with that, Sherwin Williams Color of the Year is sure to inspire a sense of adventure and spark a one of a kind design. The color is Oceanside and its deep and intriguing color can bring something both new and old to any space. The universal beauty of Oceanside fits together with a multitude of design styles from mid-century modern to traditional to contemporary.
Sherwin Williams Color of the Year

At this point we are no stranger to having technology at our fingertips available at a moment?s notice so this trend shouldn't come as much of a surprise to anyone. Houzz says that homeowners are integrating electronics into their homes such as wireless speakers and devices like Amazon Echo, Google Home,and Apple Home Kit. It makes sense seeing as how technology has made it possible to control multiple aspects of your home such as lighting, thermostats, fans, cameras, speakers, and alarm systems electronically.

Amazon Echo and Google Home Technology
Statement Ceiling

When you?re planning a remodel it?s easy to get caught up in the logistics of selecting the products you want and the scheduling the installation of those products. One aspect of most spaces that gets overlooked frequently is the ceiling. Well not this year because thanks to this trend you can create a game changing ceiling that no one will forget or overlook. According to House Beautiful there are several options including graphic patterns, colorful prints, painted patterns, exposed beams or custom coverings, the possibilities are endless.

Statement Ceilings
Wood Flooring

When it comes to selecting the right flooring there is a multitude of options from carpet to tile. Everyone should pick the flooring that is right not only for the space but that also fits into your lifestyle. This year we are seeing an increase in wood or wood look flooring. It?s easy to see why hardwood flooring is popular as it offers a timeless elegance that won?t go out of style. In addition to hardwood, wood look tile is popular as it offers the same beauty but with more durability in high traffic areas like kitchens, baths, and mudrooms.

Wood Look Tile Flooring
Terrazzo Flooring

The next trend is terrazzo flooring which might surprise you since it was popular in the 70s and is making its way back to being popular once again. Today terrazzo flooring is made with chips of marble, quartz, granite, and even glass that sets in concrete or epoxy resin according to Apartment Therapy . The resurgence of terrazzo flooring with its dynamic and colorful patterns will most certainly bring some vitality to any room you choose to use it in.

Terrazzo Flooring
Complete Remodel

Houzz says another popular trend of 2018 is that people are more inclined to do complete kitchen renovations. This year homeowners aren?t just interested in updating a few aspects of their kitchen such as backsplash, instead they want to remodel their entire kitchen. Meaning that everything including backsplash, cabinets, countertops, and flooring gets an upgrade.

Complete Kitchen Remodel
Leave it to the Pros

When you get involved in complete renovations whether it be the entire kitchen or other parts of your home it?s a good idea to leave it to the professionals, especially if you haven?t done renovations before. In fact the study that Houzz conducted found that nearly eighty -five percent of people hire help for their projects.

Now you have a breakdown of the trends 2018 has in store. If you a feeling a little overwhelmed by all the choices and trends, it?s okay because we?re here to help. Schedule a free consultation with us and one of our sales associates will be happy help you navigate the remodeling process. So what do you think about all these trends? Are there some you didn?t expect to see or some you wish were included? Let us know, we appreciate your feedback.