A Day with Tukasa ShopLokal Favorites

You remember it so vividly. It is December, and you?re telling everyone, ?2020 is going to be THE year, MY year!? That was before. Before 2020 took a sharp U-turn in April and Coronavirus consumed our year. We blinked our eyes and now it is September. What even happened to Easter? We definitely skipped Easter.

Nonetheless, Coronavirus is also a reminder that we are not alone. We are stronger together, Coastal Bend Strong. In these turbulent times it is more important than ever to support your community. Despite the circumstances, Tukasa Creations has always made it a priority to shop local. We love to give back to the community that has supported us throughout the years and throughout the pandemic. Also, we like to eat. We like to eat GOOD food. We are full time Tukasa employees and part time foodies. Join us in our tantalizing, mouthwatering, delicious day of shop local favorite eateries.

Category: Breakfast ? Foodie: Laura Lopez

Chops & Eggs is the place to be. You walk into the restaurant and you feel like you have been transported to a wood cabin where someone who loves you is making you breakfast. My favorite dish is the Chorizo Hash. A bed of pan-fried potatoes serves as the perfect home for a tasty layer of crispy chorizo, pico de gallo, and cheese. Then, it is topped with a fried egg, and the best part, served with one of their fluffy biscuits. Every time I eat one of their biscuits, I feel like I am getting a warm hug in carb form. It is the best fusion dish I have ever tasted ? the best of both worlds. I love the rosemary touch they add. I have a favorite waitress there. She is always happy to see me and knows my order. I feel good whenever I go there because I know I am helping support a local business. You can really see the effort they put into their food.

Category: Lunch ? Foodie: Glenda Brown

King?s Inn. You like seafood? You would die. They sell seafood by the pound. The oysters, shrimp, frog legs, fish, and onion rings are a few of my go-to?s. Their tartar sauce recipe is absolutely superb. Everything is served family style which I really like. The place is historic and located on the water. It has been locally owned by the same family for the past 75 years. I remember in order to interview to cook there you had to cook a steak for Mrs. Ware, the owner. If you got it right you were hired, but if you undercooked or overcooked the steak you were sent away. They really are a great family. Many of their wait staff have paid their way through college working there since the tips are shared equally. Very successful people have gotten their start working at the King?s Inn. The food is delicious, prices are good, great location, and locally owned you really can?t lose by eating there.

Category: Dinner ? Foodie: Michael Rodriguez

Virginia?s On The Bay ? every time I go here I feel like I am on my own little island. I always start with the fried calamari appetizer. They give you the full strip of calamari instead of just the little rings. Oh my god, I am so hungry just thinking about it. Everything is so good I have a hard time choosing so I go for the sample platter which has fish, shrimp, oysters, and hush puppies. The hush puppies are my favorite part. The place is amazing and owned by some really great locals. They give back to their community and they run specials to help their customers try a little bit of everything. I love going here with my loved ones because I feel like I am on vacation when I visit.

Category: Dessert ? Foodie: Iris Segura

Lily?s Neveria is the best kept secret in Corpus Christi. There can be a wait depending on the time you go, but it is always worth the wait. The fresas con crema is my favorite here because it tastes more authentic and fresh. Anything you order looks like a work of art. Lily talks to you like you are a close friend every time you visit her. You can tell she takes great pride in what she does and loves serving her customers. I married into a vibrant Mexican heritage. My eyes and my taste buds were open to the best Mexican food our local area has available. I like going to Lily?s because I know my money is staying in the city and helping our community. She works really hard to give her customers and her community the best she has to offer. I can tell she really appreciates the support and we appreciate her in return.

Try one, two, or even all four spots at the same time. It might be a trip around the coastal bend, but we promise it will be worth it. Coronavirus may have changed the way we saw our year panning out, but we still have each other. Have the mimosa at Chops & Eggs, the extra tartar sauce at King?s Inn, the dinner special at Virgina?s On The Bay, or the mangonada with extra chamoy at Lily?s Neveria, you deserve it for getting this far in 2020.

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