A Fresh Take on Design Trends For 2019

Open Concept

Now that we are in full swing and ready for 2019 let?s visualize an exquisite update for your home. What better way to embrace change then by rejuvenating your home and give it the upgrade it truly deserves? This year, according to Houzz?people are focusing more and more on remodeling their kitchens, followed by appliances and updating their backsplash. A new year inevitably means new trends that are bound to become popular and while you should always choose a design that you will be happy with we have compiled a collection of trends that will be popular in 2019.

Bold Choices?

Simple, all white kitchen designs have had a good run but for 2019 the trend will be gravitating toward bolder choices. Amy Sklar of Sklar Design predicts that all white kitchens are not as popular as they once were. Instead kitchens utilizing bolder color choices and graphic tiles are becoming more popular. In fact many people are beginning to incorporate colored cabinets in their kitchen. Utilizing colored cabinets especially when paired with unique hardware fixtures can make a lasting impression. It?s all about creating a kitchen design that conjures a sense of fun that makes you feel happy and truly at ease in your home.

Bold backsplash

Custom Cabinets

Houzz found that among the 78% of homeowners who renovate their home, numerous opt for upgrading their kitchen cabinets. Most people want custom or semicustom cabinets but when it comes to the most popular door style, shaker is still in the lead. A big component of cabinets that?s still as popular as last year is built in storage organizers and drawers. Built in storage options like pullout drawers for waste or recycling, or a lazy Susan, that will help organize any kitchen or bathroom remain key components in 2019.

Built in storage

Warm & Inviting Kitchen

While kitchens are moving toward bolder color schemes, the need for them to feel warm and inviting is also important. Meaning that warmer/darker color countertops are going to be seen more and more according to Erin Gates of Erin Gates Design. Butcher block countertops are a perfect example of how a kitchen can incorporate warmth while simultaneously creating a versatile look that will last for years to come.?

Butcher block countertop

Mixing & Matching Hardware and Fixtures

Incorporating warmth into your home comes down to the big elements such as flooring to smaller aspects like the faucets and hardware you choose for your cabinets. Unmistakable hardware like gold, brass, bronze, and even matte isn?t showing signs of going away any time soon. The warm yellow gold tones are ideal for making distinct design statements while simultaneously adding character and luxury to any room especially when paired with darker cabinet colors. Houzz says that 46% of homeowners opt for matching metals and finishes across kitchen faucets, cabinet door and entryway hardware, and light fixtures. The most popular finishes for those who match their hardware are nickel and chrome followed by brushed or stain chrome. For those who favor mixing their finishes, nickel, and oil rubbed bronze or satin black are popular.

Cabinet hardware

Open Concept

The idea of open concept kitchens is still on the rise and growing in popularity according to Houzz. Increasing the size of your kitchen, bathrooms, and main living areas in your home especially in conjunction with each other is increasing. Removing constricting walls to create more spacious living areas that combine kitchen, dining and entertaining space continues to be an attractive component for today?s families with the goal of staying connected.

Open concept

Color of the Year

If 2019 is all about creating a space that feels warm and welcoming then Cavern Clay, the Sherwin Williams 2019 color of the year does just that. This warm terracotta color most definitely has an inviting quality about it. In fact, it seems to bring the warmth or essence of the outdoors inside. Cavern clay has multiple layers that can be paired well with a multitude of other colors to evoke a sense of warmth throughout your home.

Color of the year

Handcrafted Authenticity

With all the technology that we are surrounded by on a daily basis it?s not a far stretch to say that we are a technology driven society. That being said, in this new year people are seeking to connect with nature, things that make them feel grounded. As much as we utilize and depend on technology, we as humans are also nostalgic which in terms of design means you will be seeing more organic and natural material to create balance.? You will see a return to handcrafted authenticity when it comes to furniture and decorative arts as opposed to mass produced items. The use of raw material will also been seen more and more along the lines of wood floors, stone backsplash, and plants.?

Handcrafted Authenticity

Hand-Painted Tiles?

Incorporating hand painted tiles into your design creates a warm and earthy environment.? Hand painted tile gives the space an imperfect charm that will most certainly give you a one of a kind look. That being said, keep in mind that hand painted tiles can be more expensive so consider using them in a smaller space.

Hand painted tile

In keeping with the design trends for the new year aspire to refresh your home with the many design options available in 2019. Whether you?re tearing down a wall to create a more open space, using a bold paint color to change the atmosphere in a room or simply changing cabinet hardware, embark on your journey to a distinguished home.?