Cooking Up Some Bold Backsplashes to Brighten Your Kitchen

by Julie Kircher
Hello! I?m so excited to be blogging here with Tukasa! ?For those who don?t know me, I?m Julie and I love sharing ideas with people. Recently, while finding jobs I can do while working on my Master?s Thesis, I have found myself within the home d?cor and interior design blogsphere. To tell you the truth, I never thought I would be here, but I love it!

Just to give you guys a little taste of what you?ll be seeing from me, I?ll be sharing ideas with you on how to make your homes look the best they can, whether it?s showing you the coolest colors to paint your walls, interesting style trends you can mix in with your current d?cor, or style blends to spice up your home. I want to show you ways to incorporate your personality into your home while keeping up with popular trends so the resale value of your home is still high.
Today, I?m going to be talking about the space that is quite possibly my favorite room in any house: the kitchen. Now, there are many ways you can upgrade your kitchen to make it great. One fun and exciting way is to add in bold, bright colors to your backsplash. The important thing to remember here is that you have so many options to choose from in terms of color, design, and pattern. There are even many different types of material you can choose from to pick the perfect backsplash for your home.
Photo courtesy of Red Magazine.
?Tile is probably the first thing that came to mind when I mentioned backsplashes, as it?s one of the most common ways to vamp up your kitchen. Just take a look at the gorgeous kitchen above. The beautiful sea glass-like tiles really bring this white kitchen to a coastal paradise. You can totally do the same thing to your kitchen!
Photo courtesy of Marazzi USA.
There are also many gorgeous glass mosaics out there. Glass tiles come in many shapes colors, so there?s bound to be one that speaks to you! They?re easy to install and easy to care for, which means you can add wonderful tile to your kitchen and know that it?ll stay beautiful for years to come.?
Photo courtesy of Dering Hall.
?Ceramic and porcelain are other popular materials used for backsplashes. You can create gorgeous patterns with different cuts and shades of tiles and make a backsplash that perfectly meshes with your home design style. Plus, they are also easy to care for! Water and a rag will take care of almost all dirt and stains.?
Photo courtesy of The Pioneer Woman.
Stone is super popular in country and rustic homes. This backsplash totally warms up this kitchen! Though what else would we expect from the ever awesome Pioneer Woman? Of course her backsplash would make her stunning kitchen design look even more fantastic!
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?This awesome natural stone subway tile would create a beautiful backsplash and is perfect for anyone looking to create a country or rustic style kitchen. You can buy stone tiles in every shape from rectangle to square to broken piece. ?Plus, if you have some extra pieces, there are tons of crafts you can make to use up those spare pieces!
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Vinyl and laminate are materials most people would not think of when it comes to backsplashes. However, new improvements to both products have allowed consumers to get authentic wood, stone, or ceramic-like backsplashes without paying an arm and a leg. They can be wonderful options for those looking to vamp up their kitchen without committing to the maintenance of other materials like natural stone.
This Adirondack tile in Mountain Mist looks remarkably like a gorgeous ceramic tile, but it?s actually a laminate tile! It?s super easy to install, and is very easy to take care of. This style is great for those who are unsure as to what they permanently want to install, as they can be removed more easily and for less cost than true ceramic tiles.?
?This luxury vinyl would also make a gorgeous kitchen backsplash! This Alterna Reserve in Verde Slate has a beautiful variety of shades, making it great for nearly any kitchen style! I just love the depth of the colors within this piece along with the added texture of the ?grout lines.??
?I hope you guys enjoyed my first post here! If you have any questions or comments about these materials, don?t hesitate to reach out and comment below. I hope to talk to you all soon! Until next time!

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