Fall-Inspired Hardwoods You’ll Fall For

By Sam Ferris

It?s doubtful that these hardwood floors were purposely fashioned after fall feels, but we?ll pretend they are anyway. Sometimes a good match isn?t planned.

As flooring aficionados, we feel it?s our duty to acquaint you with styles that reflect the season (that?s some higher calling, right?). These fall-inspired hardwood floors grab the best of autumn ? the changing colors and weathered woods ? and bundle it all together into fashionable wood finishes. Take a look below and you?ll see exactly what we?re talking about.?
Photo courtesy of Mohawk Flooring
Santos Mahogany Natural Hardwood Floor, Mohawk Flooring

Why it?s fall-inspired: Everything turns red in the fall, including hardwood floors. With a subtle cherry color in its predominantly brown color, Santos Mahogany Natural is a hardwood floor that delivers a rust-coated look that?s so truly autumnal.
Photo courtesy of Mannington Residential
Lava Hardwood Floor, Mannington Residential

Why it?s fall-inspired: The colors and textures in this hardwood floor ebb and flow, shift and evolve, lighten and darken. Does that remind you of anything? The rich, rustic grains show us a beautiful hardwood floor that?s weathered but still very much alive.
Photo courtesy of Columbia Flooring
Ivory Ash Hardwood Floor, Columbia Flooring

Why it?s fall-inspired: Tree trunk veins and pronounced grains. Columbia?s Ivory Ash hardwood floor is first and foremost about earthy textures. It?s also a throwback to the antiqued, hand-crafted hardwood floors of eras long gone, and there?s not a season that reminds us more of time gone by than fall.
Photo Courtesy of Horizon Flooring
Taverna Hardwood Floor, Horizon Flooring

Why it?s fall-inspired: The European White Oak is actually a dark and brooding hardwood floor with a deep color and hand-scraped finish. As daylight dwindles and summer nights turn into early sunsets, what?s more appropriate than a romantic, dark brown hardwood floor? The answer is not much.

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