Four Reasons Why You Should Love Sonoma Tilemakers Like We Do (Part 4)

By Sam Ferris

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You should already love Sonoma as much as we do by now, for the care it devotes to its tile, for how rigorous its tile-making process is, and for how superior its products are. But we?re throwing in a fourth reason just to seal the deal: beautiful scenery inspires beautiful tile.

It?s easy to see why Sonoma?s tile is so attractive when you consider the backdrop: plump vineyards, rolling mountains, fertile foliage. There?s an entire spectrum of hues and color tones found in the factory?s surroundings, and Sonoma Tilemakers makes sure to incorporate them within its tile lines.

But enough with words. Seeing is believing:
The wine country has its own color palette, one in which Sonoma Tilemakers dips its talented fingers. A lot of the landscape is reflected in Sonoma?s stone creations. Its Reserve line, for example, presents the earthy color of the land (think a dark beige or light taupe color) in traditional stone pieces.

There?s also a red, rust-like color found in the grapes at the vineyards that?s heavily incorporated in Sonoma?s tile. It?s a deep, dark red that?s almost purple at times. You?ll especially find vineyard-inspired color tones in hues like Canyon Red and Green Trellis.

We believe these inspirations are a huge reason why Sonoma?s tile looks so organic, and for us, it?s a huge reason why we love Sonoma Tilemakers so much. If you?re still not sold, visit our showroom and view it in person. We promise you?ll love it, too. Click here to set up a free appointment with one of our designers!