Meet Mom and Pop: Indie Retailer Month 2014

By Sam Ferris

Did you know that July is Indie Retailer Month? If you don't already, here are three reasons to buy local and shop indie:
  1. It generates more community wealth.?For every $100 spent at an independent retailer, $68 remains within the local economy. Compare that to only $43 for purchases at chain retailers.?
  2. It's better for the environment.?Indie retailers are more likely to buy local, therefore reducing pollution caused by the transportation of goods. Go clean, go green.
  3. Indie shops care more about local causes.?Indie retailers are more in touch with community needs and concerns, and are more likely to donate to local charities and support the local media.?
These are just three. There are plenty more reasons to shop at independent retailers.?Learn all about buying local with this handy infographic on U.S. independent retailers:
U.S. Economic Census