Our Top Fall Home Decorating Trends

By Sam Ferris

Wondering if there?s more to fall d?cor than pumpkin patches and leafy linens? You might be onto something.

It?s not that we?re opposed to pumpkins and autumn flora, because we?re totally not. 2014?s fall decorating trends are just more cosmopolitan, more manicured and more temporal than that. From cultured cushions to brass bravado, this season?s decorating trends are sure to shake things up and turn over a new leaf in your interior space. Here are some of our favorite decorating trends that just work better with fall foliage:
Photo by Sam Ferris
Warm Woods?
Definitely not wormwood. Freshome magazine suggests oaks and cherries for this fall decorating trend, and we tend to agree. Just remember that weathered hardwood is also hot this year in interior design, so opt for wood looks that aren?t too glossy. In fall, the woods outside aren?t beaming with life ? your decor should match that.
Photo by Steve Burns Photography
When you think about it, it makes a lot of sense for fall. Khaki is like waning summer sunsets ? a little golden, but grayer the longer you stare at it. To stay true to this fall decorating trend, remember that neutral is the new bold. Don?t let khaki fade into a background full of plush honey mustard pillows and blanket throws. Make it the main attraction with accent walls and sofas instead.
Photo by Sarah Greenman
Though ethnic prints have been fresh ever since the clock struck twelve on New Year?s Eve, they?re the perfect pop when decorating trends turn rustic come fall. Style your museum mod living room with Moroccan linens and Spanish textiles, plus a few Parisian objets d?art that are sure to stir up discussion.
Photo by Workstead Architects & Designers
Sassy Brass?
This fall decorating trend isn?t for the faint of heart. Overdo it and your home is ?80s camp once again. Not enough and it?s no longer the sass you?re looking for. Like budgeting and cheat days, decorating with brass is a balancing act. To tip the scales in your favor, be choosey. Brass tubs, sinks and tableware can stand alone ? no need to make it a motif.?
Photo by Hunter Douglas
Window Sheers
Probably one of the easiest fall decorating trends to tap into is new window sheers. The thing with window sheers is that they?re there, but not really. Both sexy and practical, you?ll be able to shade yourself and still catch plenty of autumn sun. That?s called high function, and in 2014, function is fashion.

And that?s not all. For more of the latest fall decorating trends, check out our Pinterest page here.?