Seven Things You Need to Know When You Buy Kitchen Cabinets

By Sam Ferris

Santa isn?t the only one making a list and checking it twice. Inspired by our new Wellborn Cabinets, we thought long and hard about what you need to know when you buy kitchen cabinets and organized the top tidbits into a quick list of must-sees. So take your plans for new kitchen cabinets off the proverbial shelf and have a peek at these seven must-knows that will make purchasing all the more nice.

What?s most important to you

Start here. Why are you buying new kitchen cabinets? Do you want increased function? More space? Up-to-date cabinetry? These are questions you need to answer before you sprint to the store. You should also have an idea of what color, wood species and style you prefer for your kitchen cabinets.
Where your appliances are located

Unless you?re prepared to fork over part of your retirement funds (you?re probably not), the location of your sink, stove and dishwasher won?t change dramatically. Know where they?re at and then build your kitchen cabinet layout around them.

The height of your ceiling

A lot of homes have soffits, an empty space between the ceiling and the kitchen cabinets. And equally as many homeowners love to decorate in that space. If you?re like us, though, you see soffits as certified dust collectors. Measuring the height of your ceiling will let you know whether to purchase 36 or 42-inch kitchen cabinets, and whether or not you?ll have a soffit.

Pre-made cabinets are less headache

Sure, you can?t put as much of your personal touch on pre-made cabinets, and yes, ?custom-made? is a buzz phrase that?s irresistible. But pre-made kitchen cabinets are less stress. The installation is quicker, which means the dirt, dust, mess and construction are too. If you?re short on time (or patience), buy pre-made kitchen cabinets.
Photo courtesy of Wellborn Cabinets
Mixed cabinet colors are in style

If you?re indecisive, it?s OK. Surprisingly, mixing two different cabinet styles in the same kitchen is kind of trendy right now. It?s perfectly fine to use one color for your main cabinets and a different color for your island. So, when you can?t decide between two wood species for your kitchen cabinets, use both ? as long as they coordinate, of course. Your kitchen will be bold.

Removing cabinets may cost more than you think

Here?s why. When you remove a kitchen cabinet, there?s normally just cement underneath. Builders don?t typically install flooring in that area. If you?re thinking about removing a kitchen cabinet or reworking your kitchen?s layout, you?ll need flooring for the blank spaces. That?s certainly not an issue, but the fact that your existing floor is probably discontinued and you don?t have any left over could be problematic. You may be looking at new flooring, too.
Cabinet drawers are highly functional

Think about it. With traditional kitchen cabinets, you?re bending down and extending your upper body to reach pots and pans tucked deep inside cabinets that are, let?s face it, makeshift storage bins. Drawers with depth, on the other hand, are more accessible and show everything at once. Finding cooking utensils shouldn?t be a workout.

Overwhelmed? We can help you decide what?s best for your kitchen. Click here to set up an appointment with one of our designers. We have dozens of kitchen cabinet options for your home.?