Stunning Vessel Sinks You Need to See

By Sam Ferris

Vessel sinks may seem trivial, but seasoned interior designers and decorating aficionados know better. While vessel sinks won?t necessarily break a design, they can certainly make one, especially the following five vessel sinks that just so happen to be our favorites. If you?ve been drudging through search engines for the perfect one, take a minute to breathe and enjoy these views:
The Onyx

What you don?t know: ?onyx? is shorthand for ?dabs of natural colors blurred together in the most posh of ways.? Or at least it should be. Onyx vessel sinks blend a lot of earth-inspired elements into a single piece of pearly lustre, so they?re busy. Naturally, their surroundings should be crisp and clean. ?

Bonus: For an extraordinary effect, place a light like this under The Onyx vessel sink.
The Seashell

Seashell vessel sinks don?t just wash up on the shores (loading docks) of local home improvement stores, especially not marble ones. It?s all about the hunt. When you finally find The Seashell vessel sink your coastal powder room needs, your countless Google searches that, let?s face it, were borderline search engine abuse are worth it.
The Travertine

When you want just a glimmer of rustic ? or the final piece to your Mediterranean powder room puzzle ? The Travertine beckons. The reason you choose a travertine vessel sink isn?t much different from the reason you buy black and white or silver and gold: it?s never out of style.

The Terracotta

Peach is too ostentatious for the grays and taupes that dominate today?s walls and fabrics, but The Terracotta vessel sink features just the right amount to remind us why the hue was once so darn popular. Mixed with a beige, natural stone background, this vessel sink?s terra cotta squares are exquisite.

The Leaf

The Leaf?s serene shape and ivory finish are about as Zen as vessel sinks get. It?s easy to imagine a leaf vessel sink in an eclectic or minimal design. Since Zen is all about simplicity, keep whatever room you use it in light and easy.

Which vessel sink fits you and your home best? Stop by our showroom to figure it out. Each of these vessel sink styles plus many more are in stock!?