The Floors You Need for Your Rental Property

by Sam Ferris
It's tough being a landlord for a number of reasons. One of the hardest aspects is the upkeep. You have to make sure your property maintains its value and that the flooring and appliances you install are going to last. If you're shopping around for durable and affordable flooring for your rental property, use this list as a guide for the floors you should - and shouldn't - consider.?
Porcelain Tile
Porcelain tile has a lot to offer a rental property, namely durability. It can survive high-volume foot traffic, scratches, scuffs, spills, moisture and more. It?s built to last for ages.

Porcelain tile is also versatile. You can install it in any room in the house; it also offers authentic hardwood glazes. Depending on the neighborhood, renters may expect an upscale floor like hardwood in your property. If that?s the case, a wood look porcelain tile is an affordable ? and durable ? alternative to hardwood.

And, as if it couldn?t get any better, tile is easy to clean. All you need is water and a mop.

The price tag is usually higher with tile, but think like the investor you are. Spending a little more upfront for a durable floor will keep your rental property profitable for decades.?

Every landlord should consider vinyl floors for three reasons: how easy they are to install, how affordable they are, and how low-maintenance they are.

Vinyl has easy, DIY-friendly installation methods, from click and lock to glue down. This can allow you to save money by installing vinyl yourself rather than hiring a professional.

You can find quality vinyl floors for under $4 a square foot ? often times less than $3 ? which is less than what you?d pay for some tile and most hardwoods.

All it takes to clean vinyl floors is a wet mop. Vinyl floors can handle scratches and moisture, too.

As a bonus, rental properties with lower values can increase in value with a quality vinyl plank, especially if it?s installed in bedrooms and living rooms instead of carpet.?

Travertine usually has a higher price point than tile, so it?s a better choice for high-value rental properties. However, if you can afford it, it?s going to provide durability and a timeless style that will appeal to tenants for decades.

The only drawbacks to travertine are the fact that you have to seal it every two to four years and that it can stain when exposed to substances like red wine. Make sure you?re up for the maintenance before you install it in your rental property.?

Smartstrand Forever Clean
Carpet for rental properties should be durable but affordable. Mohawk?s Smartstrand Forever Clean is both. It has built-in stain protection in its fibers, and most stains come out with water and a cloth. It?s perfect for tenants.

While the price varies depending on the style, you don?t have to break the bank on Forever Clean. You can find quality styles in the $1-$2 per square foot range. The investment is small but long-lasting.?

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