These 9 Kitchen Cabinets Will Change Your Life

By Sam Ferris

We don?t think of kitchen cabinets as life-changers, but with the amount of time we spend in our kitchens, a little added function goes a long way. Efficient cabinets can change both the way we cook and how our kitchens look. Thankfully, contemporary kitchen design trends are all about what?s functional and convenient. If you don?t enjoy cooking, these nine in-style cabinets just might change your mind:
The Cooking Center?

If you?re scrambling all over your kitchen when you?re cooking, you probably need a cooking center. The four-drawer cabinet aggregates all of your go-to utensils in one very accessible spot. With a cutlery tray plus a cutting board and knife drawer, the cooking center will quickly become your kitchen?s food prep hub. There?s also a deep divider kit in the bottom drawer for extra pots and pan storage. Bon app?tit.

The Spice Rack?

Reaching up into your wall cabinets to find spices gets old, especially when some spices are hidden behind others. It?s also taxing on your body, namely your back and neck. The spice rack, however, is all about easy access. It eliminates the need to reach by displaying all of your spices right in front of you. For better efficiency, place a spice rack on both sides of your stove.

The Pullout Pantry?

Pullout pantries are a lot like traditional closet pantries. Just imagine the ability to slide your shelves out and you?ve nailed the key difference. Like the spice rack, pullout pantries eliminate reaching, which is good news for the aging homeowner. You can also strategically place pullout pantries within your kitchen?s layout so that your foods and ingredients are right where you need them to be.

The Miracle Corner?

We shouldn?t have to explain what the miracle is. This dynamic pullout cabinet gives you access to four shelves of cooking devices, without any bending and reaching involved. And that?s a huge advantage, because let?s face it: once we stash things away in our kitchen?s corner cabinets, they stay there to rot. It?s just too inconvenient to bend down and dig through the pile of pots and pans. Not the case with the miracle corner.?

The Microwave Drawer?

A contemporary design quirk, the microwave drawer takes your microwave off the countertop (giving you more space to work with) and efficiently puts it inside one of your kitchen cabinets. You?re also not reaching up above your stove to heat up your food, which, as one of our clients learned, could be hazardous: she suffered a burn from a splash of hot liquid as she was unloading her food.?

The Peg Pullout

It?s essentially a movable pegboard with full extension slides, hooks, and pegs. Are you sold yet? The peg pullout neatly organizes your spatulas, whisks, and other utensils for easy grabbing and lets you see them all at once. Because it takes up little space, the peg pullout is a high-efficiency storage option. You won?t need any additional storage bins on your counter.?

The Double Wastebasket?

Your kitchen?s trashcan always seems to fill up a little too quickly, doesn?t it? There?s a simple solution to that: a double wastebasket cabinet. Not only does it give you more temporary garbage storage, but it also hides your trashcans neatly inside your cabinets. That means no more messes on display for you or your guests.

The Wood Hood

OK, so a wood vent hood won?t necessarily make your life easier. It will give your kitchen that designer look though, and that?s just as valuable. While we?re fans of modern range hoods like this one, wood hoods add a decorative touch to your stove and can function as a good focal point for your kitchen?s design. ?

The Dishwasher Door

With an authentic door front to match the rest of your cabinets, the dishwasher door is perfect for the homeowner whose dishwasher is an eyesore but isn?t planning to replace it. It?s also a good idea if you?d rather showcase your cabinets to the fullest extent instead of showing some of your appliances. ?

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Photos courtesy of Wellborn Cabinet, Inc.