We’re Seriously in Love with These Luxury Laminate Styles

By Sam Ferris

OK, so they?re not real hardwood. Let?s get that out of the way. They?re a pretty darn good imitation, though.

Unless you?re hung up on the fact that it?s not actually wood (you could be, and there?s nothing wrong with that), you?ll love each of these laminate floors as much as we do. You might even love one enough to grace your living room floors with it. Either way, our luxury laminate picks are easy on the eyes and that?s why we want to share them with you. Without further ado, here are five laminate floors we?d recommend that you buy:
Vintage Pine, Mohawk Flooring
We still can?t believe that it?s not real hardwood. And we say ?still? because we?ve stared at its weathered, golden gray grains so much that you?d think it was doing tricks or something. This floor manages to be both vintage and contemporary. We love that. We?re used to high end laminate floors from Mohawk, but this one is a notch above the rest. If you want our pick for the best laminate floor, here you have it.

Buy if:?your eyes are fully functional, or you?ve got a penchant for all things contemporary
Aged Bark Oak, Mohawk Flooring
Age. What comes with age? Stories. This laminate floor certainly tells a good one. It looks like it has been around for centuries, and isn?t defying the wear of time the best story of all? It is. There?s also enough variation to keep the eyes entertained as they search through its hard-earned grains.

Buy if: you want ranch-style living, sans physical labor and the whole middle of nowhere thing
Wild Sable Mesquite, Mohawk Flooring
Despite the name, it?s a fairly tame laminate floor. Simple and dark, Mesquite will give you the refined look you?ve always wanted your home to have (and trust us, you?ve always wanted refinement). Seriously though, you can?t go wrong with this one, especially if you?re having trouble deciding on a laminate floor. It?s not overbearing, it?s contemporary and it?s attractive.

Buy if: you like sleek, and your home d?cor is on the brighter side
Caribbean Sunrise, Mannington Residential
So laminate floors are moving away from warm and shiny textures and more toward jaded and faded designs. But Mannington?s Caribbean Sunrise is exotic enough to have us swooning over its beautiful cherry finish. Plus, we like a style that?s sharp and deviates from what?s trending. Putting this in your home in 2014 would almost be iconoclastic.

Buy if: you?re fond of tradition and formality
Oyster, Mannington Residential
Mannington?s Oyster laminate floor is so fresh looking that you?d think it was hand-picked from a sea of top-notch birch just moments ago, and that?s exactly why we like it so much. It has a cleansing quality that would definitely bode well in creating a relaxed living room environment that?s primed for coffee and discussion. You?ll treasure it.

Buy if: the word ?organic? means anything to you, or you live on the coast

Live in the Corpus Christi area? We can order any of these laminate floors for you. Come see us during store hours or call 361.851.9440 to make an appointment.

Photos courtesy of MohawkFlooring.com and Mannington.com.