You've Got to See These Hottest Trends in Hardwood Flooring

By Sam Ferris

All we want is hardwood floors so trendy and hot that they?re just a whiff away from catching fire. Hardwood floors may be timeless, but what?s popular isn?t. Familiarize yourself with some of 2014?s (and even 2015?s) biggest hardwood flooring trends below. With a little help from Floor Covering News, we jotted down a quick list of what you should be buying over the next several months.
Photo courtesy of Mohawk Flooring
Wider Planks
You know those 2-inch hardwood floor planks you?ve had in your living room since 1998? Well, they?re practically old school now. Sorry. Hardwood flooring trends favor wider planks, typically widths between 5-7 inches. Given that minimalistic spaces are a huge interior design trend right now, it makes sense. The wider the plank, the more seamless (and minimal) a room looks. Rooms with narrow hardwood floor planks tend to look busier.

American Made
U.S. species are gaining popularity. Part of the reason, as Floor Covering News says, is consumers find their authentic appearance appealing. But why? It?s likely because natural-looking floors are one of 2014?s hottest interior design trends. Couple that with the fact that manufacturers are pushing a ?buy local? message and you have a buying population that wants domestic hardwood floors.
Photo courtesy of Mannington Residential
Hickory and Maple?
It shouldn?t surprise you that hickory and maple hardwood floors are trendy ? they?re both made in the U.S. Per Floor Covering News, expect an increased demand for four species in particular: red oak, white oak, hickory and maple. The hand-sculpted textures found in hickory and maple hardwood floors are a big reason behind their appeal.
Photo courtesy of Columbia Flooring
Grains, Not Gloss

Good character is an important trait in hardwood floors, too. Gloss? Not so much anymore. It?s far too gaudy for an interior design era that lauds organic looks. The more grains, scrapes and texture you can see, the more trendy it is. A good rule of thumb is that if anything looks manmade or highly manufactured, it probably isn?t in style.

Source: Floor Covering News, Volume 28, Issue 6

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