18 Myths About Kitchen Remodeling

by Sam Ferris
Kitchen Remodeling Corpus Christi
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It?s difficult enough to survive kitchen remodeling?with all of the dirt, dust, and displacement. It doesn?t help that there?s too much fiction and not enough facts about the process. Here we take a cue from Mythbusters and tackle some of the biggest myths about kitchen remodeling to give you a better idea of what to expect during your remodel.?
1. ?It's always too expensive
The average cost of a major kitchen renovation totals about $54,000, according to Popular Mechanics magazine. Ouch. Though kitchen remodeling can be costly, there are plenty of upgrades you can make without breaking the bank.

Upgrading your countertops to granite or a installing a new glass mosaic backsplash typically won?t cost more than $5,000 to $7,000. They?re effective ways to improve your kitchen?s aesthetics and increase your home value, too.?

2. ?You can't install wood floors in your kitchen?
It shouldn?t be your first choice, but hardwood floors can survive in the kitchen. The key is to stay on top of the maintenance. Wipe up any spills immediately to avoid permanent damage to your hardwood.?

3. ?Granite countertops are better than quartz countertops
Value is often in the eye of the beholder when it comes to granite vs. quartz. However, quartz countertops don?t scratch as easily as granite, and you don?t have to seal them every one to two years. A toiling homeowner will appreciate quartz?s low maintenance.?

4. ?My kitchen remodel will be finished on time
The truth is that remodeling projects aren?t always completed on time. While professionals do their best to provide an accurate timeline, it?s impossible to predict what issues will arise, whether it be a plumbing, electrical, or structural problem.

That said, it?s still possible to plan around your kitchen remodel. Good communication between you and your contractor is a must. ?

5. ?I won't get a good return on investment
We could go on and on, but we?ll trim the fat: kitchens have the highest ROI among single-room remodels at 79.3 percent. Kitchens and bathrooms are the only rooms that can single-handedly sell a home. If your kitchen space is up-to-date, expect a high ROI.?
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6. ?You always have to replace your cabinets
It may not always be practical to buy new kitchen cabinets. Many homeowners simply repaint their cabinets or swap out door pulls. You can also find countertops and backsplash to match your existing cabinets.?

7. ?I can't move any of my plumbing
It?s expensive to move plumbing a few inches, let alone to the opposite side of your kitchen. But it?s certainly possible. If you need to move it to get a more functional kitchen design and it?s within your budget, sign on the dotted line and go for it.? ?

8. ?Undermount sinks are hard to clean
Some homeowners think the small gap between the countertop and the sink is a dirt collector, but it?s sealed with silicon during installation. That means no dirt build up or extra maintenance.?

9. ?I have to replace my appliances
Unless you?re buying new kitchen cabinets with different size specifications, keeping your current appliances is fine. Don?t feel like everything in your kitchen has to be new, especially if your appliances aren?t that old.?

10. ?I can't get everything I want
You can ? just don?t expect a Nieman Marcus kitchen with a Target budget. The best part about remodeling is that there are stylish options available at every price point. You can piece together your dream design and stay within budget.?

11. ?I can't fit a farmhouse sink into my current sink space
If you?re dreaming of adding this country-style touch to your kitchen without swapping out your cabinets, just have your contractor cut out the apron space from the front of your existing sink cabinet.?

12. ?I need to add on to the room to get more space
This isn?t always true. Sometimes your current layout isn?t maximizing your kitchen?s available space. Removing walls or rearranging your layout can open up your kitchen without the hefty cost of adding on. Think of it as addition by subtraction.?

13. ?All of my cabinets need to be the same color
If you?re stuck between two cabinet stains, use both. One of kitchen remodeling?s hottest trends is mixing and matching cabinet stains. Use a neutral stain for your main cabinetry and a bold complimentary color for your island.?

14. ?I have to listen to everything my designer says
It?s good to listen to professional advice, though you don?t have to follow all the suggestions your designer or contractor makes. You?re the one spending the money and, ultimately, the one who has to live with the design. Go with what you like.?

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15. ?My cabinet won't be able to support granite or quartz
Trust us ? they?re sturdy enough to hold the weight of granite and quartz, even if your old countertops were laminate. Kitchen cabinets are generally well-constructed.?

16. ?Islands are just for food prep
Islands are turning into multi-purposed work stations, merging storage, food prep, and clean up zones into one uber-efficient space. They can also provide bar or table-style seating for your family and guests.?

17. ?I don't need any support for granite overhangs
You usually do. There has to be a mechanism to bear the overhang?s weight, whether it?s a decorative corbel or simple metal corbel.?

18. ?I have to keep my layout the same
Many homeowners don?t even consider changing their layout. It can make a huge difference in your kitchen, be it a small tweak like moving your refrigerator or stove, or a larger overhaul like removing a wall. These options are almost always available to homeowners. The biggest challenges are normally budget constraints, not possibilities.?

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