5 Quick and Easy Christmas Decorations You Can Do This Weekend

by Julie Kircher
I think it?s safe to say that for most of us, the fall and winter holidays often seem to run together. This leaves us little time to bring our homes up to speed. If you haven?t started decorating for Christmas, you might think you?re behind. But not to worry ? I have some cute and easy decorations you can set up this weekend, and with little fuss! Here are five ideas that won?t take long to put together.?
Photo courtesy of Cozy.Cottage.Cute.
A Simple Yet Pretty Shelf Decoration
?A vase, glass, Mason jar, or pitcher filled with pine sprigs (or any other greenery) and a few pinecones can instantly transform any shelf in your home into something that?s perfectly decorated for Christmas. You can keep them on a simple shelf, like this, or even tuck them among items already on your shelves. You can add in some bells for a more rustic look or add in color with ornaments or painted pinecones for a cleaner look.
Photo courtesy of Glamour.
A String Light Tree
?This is one of my favorite Christmas decorations. It?s so easy to put up in lieu of a big tree or even alongside one. Or, if the kids want their own lighted tree in their room, they can help you put one of these up on their wall. All you need are string lights, tacks to put into the wall, and any other decorations you want to add to the tree. You can add lots of ornaments or just string lights along the wall.
Photo courtesy of Amanda Carol Interiors.
A Gorgeous Centerpiece?
I love a good centerpiece because you can use them on a dining table, a coffee table, or an island/bar. All you need are some glass bottles or vases, ornaments in your preferred color scheme, and a nice tray, all of which you could already have around your house. Set your vases and bottles in the tray, then fill the rest of it with ornaments of various sizes and colors. You can opt for traditional Christmas colors experiment with non-traditional tones like blues and violets. There?s no wrong way to make this awesome Christmas decoration! When you?re done, set it up on your dining table, coffee table, or bar.

Bonus tip: You can fill the vases with some water and add some greenery or pine sprigs to really add an extra layer of Christmas spirit to this decoration.
Photo courtesy of Craft Hub.
An Ornament Wreath You Can Make with the Kids
?You can also make a gorgeous ornament wreath like this one with your kids. First, find a base for your wreath. The base can be made from several things, including an existing wreath you have, floral foam, woven pieces like the one pictured, or a wire coat hanger. Next, attach ornaments of various sizes in your preferred color tones and add in other items like bells, greenery, tinsel, beads, or anything else you can think of. You can hang it on a wall or your front door to greet all your friends and family as they visit your home for the holidays.?
Photo courtesy of Michaels.
An Ornament Window Curtain
So gorgeous and so simple. Take ornaments of various sizes, shapes, and colors and tie them to different lengths of ribbon or twine. Attach them to a tension or curtain rod, then wrap the tension or curtain rod with Christmas greenery and throw in more ribbon or string lights. You can make this display with any colors. It can stay on the traditional side like the one shown or feature unique colors that match your decorating scheme. This is also a great project for kids to help with!

Bonus tip: If you want the ornaments to look like they?re floating, attach them to fishing line instead of ribbon or twine. The effect is whimsical ? just like Christmas should be.?
?Happy decorating, everyone!?