8 Backsplash Ideas For Your Kitchen or Bathroom

By Sam Ferris

If there?s one nugget of interior design advice you should know, it?s this: your backsplash is everything. It?s the thread that ties your tile to your cabinets and your cabinets to your countertops and your countertops back to your tile and - you get it.

But you probably do know this, and that?s why you?re looking for a little inspiration. Picking out a backsplash for your kitchen or bathroom can be hard, even for seasoned designers, so we made it easier for you with these eight backsplash ideas that are sure to please your wondering eyes.
Photo by DD Ford Construction, Inc.
Talavera Tiles
It?s super easy for anyone to fall in love with a Spanish colonial design that?s oh-so rom?ntico. If you pair talavera tile with anything rustic or wrought iron, we?ll probably have to drop by your house and drool.
Photo by Dura Supreme Cabinetry
Natural Tones
There?s not a finer beauty to emulate than the one showcased by Mother Nature herself. Earthy can mean a lot of things, so know that grays, browns, greens, oranges and even terra cotta are definitely your friend. Textured is even better.
Photo by Sonoma Tilemakers
Anything Sonoma
To put it simply, Sonoma Tilemakers has us wrapped around their talented little fingers. From its timeless bronze medallions to its gleaming Tantrum glass mosaics, the California-based company fuses traditional ceramics with glass and stone, and that?s art. The creation process is as hand-made as ever, so you might wait a bit longer than you would for other tiles. But that?s OK. Brilliance takes time.
Photo by Sam Ferris
Metal Mosaics
In case you haven?t heard, metallic is very in. So in, in fact, that HGTV has a photo gallery devoted only to metal-inspired interior designs. If you can come up with a good balance of grunge and glam, more kudos to you.
Photo by Jason Ball Interiors, LLC
Bubble mosaic on subway tiles? Oh, yes. And in case you didn?t squeal loud enough, the bubbles are actually meant to be clouds, scattered intermittently throughout the kitchen?s backsplash. I KNOW, RIGHT? Just don?t completely duplicate this design; it deserves to be left alone to wallow in its own originality.
Photo by Sam Ferris
Hand-Painted Tiles
One of our clients caught jungle fever, so we asked a special member of the Tukasa family to hand paint wild animals on tumbled travertine tiles for him. The result? Well, we think it speaks for itself. It?s unique, creative, crafted - everything you should want in a backsplash for your home. We?ll make you some, too. Special orders accepted.
Photo by Sam Ferris
Travertine with Glass Accents
Installing travertine backsplashes with glass accents is like decorating with florals for spring. Everyone in South Texas does it. And for good reason: it works. It?s just as effective as any other backsplash, and more importantly, it?s good looking and affordable. You won?t regret it.
Photo by Interceramic USA
Old School Retro
Retro doesn?t have to be a 1970s wood paneling level of tacky, and we certainly hope it wouldn?t be that for your home. Think more along the lines of midcentury simplicity with a not-so-subtle nod to the monochromatic color schemes of the ?50s. In interior design, going back can mean moving forward.

There's plenty more where that came from, too. Click here to check out our Pinterest page for additional backsplash ideas for your kitchen and bathroom.