By Sam Ferris

For Rossy Lozano, a love of art runs several generations deep. Her grandfather was a doctor in the early 1900s and dabbled in painting and calligraphy. When her mother was young, she did, too. “I can remember she always had a brush, pencil or paper in her hand,” she says.

Now, the Monterrey native lives in McAllen after a stint in New York and has her own painting business. A master of several different techniques - oil, acrylic, water color, textures - Rossy does it all, including the hand-painted travertine tiles we use for our interior designs. Because so many of our customers ask about our custom travertine tile, we sat down with her to talk about her work and what inspires her.

When did you first realize you loved to paint?
Since I was a little girl. I saw my beloved mother mix colors and create amazing oil paintings on canvas. I asked my mother if I would be able to paint like her one day. She smiled and took my hand with love and patience, awaking a love of art in me.

What was the first thing that you painted?
My first masterpiece was a spring landscape with mountains, rivers and a little rabbit. I remember I carried it with me everywhere around the house so people could see it. I was just 8 years old. I felt like my mother and an important artist.

Describe your artistic style in one word.
Freestyle. Originality.

A lot of your artwork is done on travertine instead of a traditional canvas. How does this affect your artistic process, if at all?
Well, it doesn't affect my artistic process. I love what I do. I can paint on travertine, canvas and murals directly on the wall, caring about all the details in any style.

And how difficult is it to paint on such a small travertine tile? How do you do it?
It is very difficult. And how do I do it? With a good pair of glasses.

How do you decide what you're going to paint? A lot of your subject matter seems nature-inspired.
Good question. I paint what touches my heart.

Do you have any unusual routines or rituals you do when you start a new piece?
Absolutely! I create my own space and usually listen to good music for inspiration.

What's one thing you would tell aspiring artists?
Don't give up. Be persistent.

Rossy's tiles are available exclusively at Tukasa Creations for special order. She can replicate an existing piece or create an original one to fit your needs. Contact us at 361-851-9440 if you're interested in using these pieces for a design.