Innovative Uses for Wood Look Tile

Wood Look Tile in the Kitche
It?s one of the hottest trends in the flooring industry today and it can be used in projects large or small. As you continue to read you will see why this particular flooring has become so popular. An important aspect to be aware of is that with wood look tile you gain the ability to have beauty, durability, style, function, and value installed directly in your home.

Wood Look Tile Explained

As I mentioned earlier wood look tile is one of the hottest trends in flooring these days and just so we?re all on the same page here is a brief description of wood look tile. Like the name says, wood look tile is either porcelain or ceramic tile that looks like wood thanks to a glaze that is applied with either a digital imaging or ink-jet printer. Advances in technology have allowed the printer to mimic the look and feel of hand scrapped wood flooring according to Daltile. The flooring contains such a precise level of detail that to the naked eye it?s hard to make the distinction between what?s wood look tile verses authentic hardwood.


One of the theories as to why wood look tile has become so popular over recent years is because of its durability. Unlike hardwood, wood look flooring is tile that isn?t limited to only being used in certain rooms such as living rooms or bedrooms. Instead wood look tile brings something a little more innovative to flooring. As it exudes the same beauty as hardwood however the difference is that it excels in high traffic areas like kitchens, bathrooms, entryways, mudrooms, and outdoor areas.

Wood Look Tile in the Bathroom

When it comes to maintenance it?s easy to care for wood look tile verses real wood. In fact, one of the reason wood look tile does so well in the previously listed spaces is because moisture doesn?t affect tile in the same way it affects wood. If hardwood flooring is exposed to moisture is can cause warping, cracking, expanding, or staining according to Daltile. While on the other hand if wood look tile gets wet you can simply clean up the water, the tile being no worse for wear. Another added bonus is that wood look tile is less susceptible to scratches, gouges, or nicks, all of which are more likely to happen on hardwood flooring.

Wood Look Tile In the Kitchen from Houzz

For starters wood look tile offers a variety of styles that homeowners can choose from, styles such as contemporary, rustic, traditional, or modern. When wood look tiles were first made they used to be 6?24? but now due to advances in manufacturing they can make planks up to 72? according to Architectural Ceramics . There are also a multitude of colors to select from such as brown, white, beige, and greys to name a few.

In keeping with the variety of colors, there are also different pattern layouts that wood look tile can be installed, such as brick, chevron, single or double herringbone pattern. I know, you?re probably thinking that with so many options it must be impossible to choose. However the secret to finding the right wood look tile is figuring out which one works for you and your home. With all the size and color options to choose from the possibilities are endless and the only limitation you have is your creativity.

Wood Look Tile in Laundry Room
Not Just for Floors

Wood look tile can be installed in places that hardwood could only dream of. Homeowners can have wood look tile installed in their laundry rooms, dining rooms, exteriors, and many other places without having to be concerned about the maintenance involved with wood flooring. However there is an added bonus to wood look tile that you might not be aware of. Wood look tile isn?t limited to only being used on floors. What that means is that if you were so inclined, you can install wood look tile on your walls, and I don?t just mean on your living room wall for example, I mean you can even put wood look tile on your shower wall.

Wood Look Tile in Shower
So now that you have a better understanding of one of the hottest flooring trends you are now prepared to make a decision about installing wood look tile in your home. If you?re interested in comparing wood look tile to other types of flooring like vinyl or laminate you can read more about it here. With all the different styles, colors, and patterns that are available on the market today you will be able to find a flooring that will be sure to add a sense of warmth to your home for years to come.