Luxury Tile Ideas You Can Probably Afford

By Sam Ferris

Everyone loves luxury. Everyone really loves luxury when they?re not paying for luxury. That?s an adage that?s been around since right now, and it?s especially true when it comes to tile because, let?s face it, we all want Hampton style AND money in the bank.

For the past week, we?ve been digging deep through the trenches of our showroom for luxury tile that has vixen looks but doesn?t break the bank. What we found were these eight luxury tile ideas you can probably afford (and will definitely like):

Under $3

Boardwalk, Marazzi
So Marazzi?s Boardwalk isn?t a true blue luxury tile. We?re well aware. But when you?re paying less than $3 for a porcelain tile with a high-end glaze, you better believe that?s a luxury. All three styles are contemporary, though we really fancy Grey. It?s the luxury-est (that?s a word now) tile of them all.

Under $4

Jupiter, Elysium
Pearly and veiny, Jupiter is what you?don?t?think of when you hear luxury tile, but should. Put it on the floors of your regal living room, or make a strong statement and place it in your entry hall. Wherever you decide to put it ? and you will decide to put it somewhere in your home once you see it in person ? expect compliments.
Arbor House, American Olean
We?ll let you in on an industry secret. When you find an upscale, wood look tile under $4, you pounce on it. Arbor House?s smooth glaze looks primed for a high rise loft somewhere in the confines of an urban metropolis. If you want an affordable wood look without sacrificing quality, this luxury tile is your best bet.
Mirasol Bianco Carrara, American Olean
First things first: it?s not marble. It?s actually a porcelain tile. Don?t let that curb your expectations. A smooth white marble finish is probably the quintessential idea of what luxury tile should be, so you?ll get that with Mirasol. Sleek spas and grandiose entryways come to mind.

Under $5

Golden White Quartzite, MSI
It?s not really golden, or white. No, the quartzite tile is more of grooved green, and that?s definitely not a bad thing. It?s the type of intimate luxury tile that you?d grace a secluded patio or shower walls with. On a good day, you may even find it for under $4.
Silk, Marazzi
We wouldn?t mind at all if you swaddled your shower with Silk. In fact, we?d prefer it. It?s because all three of the porcelain tile?s styles are so organic, from the earth-toned glazes to the bits of grains dispersed throughout the finishes. The result? A natural setting and a soothing bathing experience. You won?t complain, especially for the price.
Sandal Wood, Earthwerks
So. Much. Pun. It?s all beachy keen, life is a beach, etc. Now that that?s out of the way: OMG. We were fortunate enough to design, install and photograph this luxury tile for one of our clients. Appropriately named, Sandal Wood in Driftwood is probably the perfect wood look tile for an island home. Probably. The warm, grainy glaze reminds us of sunkissed shores.


Blanco Crystal Barritas, Tukasa Creations
These stones are the real deal. You get a traditional tumbled marble texture with a contemporary, jarring shape. At $16, it?s much pricier than the other luxury tile on our list. Keep in mind, though, that we?re talking about backsplash installations with our Barritas. Compare that to the $30-50 you?ll spend on high quality glass backsplashes from other vendors. See? It?s muy affordable.?

Photos by MSI International, Marazzi USA, American Olean and Elysium.?