The Benefits of Using Professional Flooring Installers

by Sam Ferris
How is hiring professional flooring installers advantageous? Let us tell you the ways.

Yes, it?s going to cost more. We?ll get that out of the way first thing. But value transcends cash, and there?s a whole lot of added value with professional flooring installers: peace of mind and warrantied work, to name a few things.

Here are our immodest recommendations as to why you should hire professional flooring installers:

Professional flooring installers are employees. That means there?s a clear-cut hierarchy: they answer to the boss.

Contractors work for themselves. While there are advantages to that ? perhaps a lower cost for buyers ? there?s also less accountability. If they don?t want to finish your job or fix any lingering issues, then they won?t ? and there isn?t much you can do about it outside of legal action.

Not the case with professional installers. They ultimately represent the company they work for, so their work reflects the company. This increased accountability helps ensure a job well done.

Cost Savings vs. DIY
DIY doesn?t always save money. In fact, that?s one of the biggest remodeling myths around.

Why? Two words: rookie mistakes. Flooring installation can get complicated, especially projects like showers which require extensive tile cuts. Do it wrong and you?re going to spend more than you would have with a professional to fix it.

Professional flooring installers, on the other hand, have been there, done that. Mistakes do happen, but they?re rare. For more precarious installations, it may cost less to hire a professional.?
Proper Preparation
Installing floors isn?t like popping a frozen dinner into the microwave. There?s actually a lot of preparation involved.

Foundations shift (that?s a concrete fact in the Corpus Christi area), so it isn?t uncommon for floors to be uneven. As a result, they have to be leveled before you can install flooring, a process that skilled professionals know all too well.

Walls aren?t always built straight, either. Our installers have had to repair crooked walls in bathrooms before they were able to install tile (otherwise the tile can pop out of place).

Professional installers can discern how much preparation, if any, your floors will need. It?s possible to DIY, but you?re going to learn on the fly, which is a recipe for mistakes. And as we said in the last section, mistakes cost money.?

Most contractors are honest, as are most businesses. We work with excellent subcontractors who we trust 100 percent.

Unfortunately, there are exceptions with both. You?re less likely to run into problems with professional flooring installers, though.

Flooring stores hire installers with careful consideration because they represent the company in both professionalism and craftsmanship. Some companies require drug and background tests before offering employment to installers. ?

Knowing this can give you a peace of mind as installers work in your home.?

Warrantied Work
If you hire professional flooring installers, the work will be completed with a warranty. They know the correct way to install various flooring products like tile, hardwood, laminate and so on.

Install it yourself, however, and there?s a possibility the warranty can be void. How so? DIY installations don?t always follow a product?s protocol (when it?s your first time installing a floor, the chance of mistakes is high). So, if a mistake is made during installation, the warranty can be voided, which means future problems are solely your problems.

Professional flooring installers typically follow product protocol, ensuring that your warranty will remain intact.?

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