By Sam Ferris

It’s not often a carpet touts itself as stampede resistant, but Mohawk Flooring’s Smartstrand Silk does.

No, really. Back in 2010, Mohawk challenged six African elephants, three camels and one black rhino from the Dallas Zoo to a showdown with the luxuriously soft carpet. For three weeks the carpet sustained a slew of dirt, heavy tracks and, well, more than enough bowel movements. After the dust (and dung) settled, Mohawk scrubbed the grime away using only hot water extraction and the brand’s spot remover. The result? Clean carpet.

That’s one reason why Smartstrand Silk is Tukasa’s go-to recommendation for customers searching for the right carpet. Durability is certainly the flooring industry’s calling card, but Mohawk has found a way to rise above the pack when it comes to backing up its claims. And it’s not just the zoo experiment that has us singing Smartstrand Silk’s praises. We’ve seen a high rate of satisfaction with this product time and time again in our own customers.

More than 130 years in the making, Smartstrand with Dupont Sorona has especially evolved over the past 15 years. There’s a display in our showroom where you can literally feel the difference in the carpet’s fibers from 1999 to 2005 to 2013’s Silk. Warning: touching the silky smooth sample just once may lead to withdrawal symptoms. It’s incredibly soft, mostly due to the fact that it contains three times the amount of fiber normally found in nylon carpet.

It’s more durable than other carpets for a number of reasons, starting with its environmentally-friendly fiber design (another reason we love it - it’s always good to reduce carbon footprints, even in the slightest ways). Dupont Sorona constructs fibers from renewable resources and then coils them, a key process that allows the carpet to “bounce back” from crushing in a more resilient way. This in addition to permanent built-in stain protection that allows about 60,000 foot steps before noticeable signs of wear begin to appear.

In other words, this carpet is virtually indestructible, and we love that. It comes in all different colors and patterns, so naturally, there are a few that we favor over the others. Here they are:
Tomlin Cove in Golden Buff (Cedar Beige pictured above)

If you want a tell-me-what-to-buy-right-now answer, this is it. Golden Buff mixes it up with a rich, golden colored cross-like pattern, and it gives off rays of positive vibes.
Serenity in Spiced Rum

Spiced Rum’s color is what you think of when you picture carpet in your head, but it’s sprinkled with earthy colors. We approve.
Truly Tasteful in Homespun

We're reminded of Golden Buff, sans the cross-like pattern, with Homespun. That’s probably why we like it. Or maybe it’s because Homespun’s beautiful beige color only gets better with time - like a fine wine.

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Photos courtesy of Mohawk Flooring.