Trendy, Cool Window Covering Designs

By Sam Ferris

We won?t beat around the bush: traditional blinds are boring. Since modern window covering designs are groomed for a good mix of function and fashion, it?s easy to see why we say that. Not surprisingly, technology is a big reason behind ever-increasing function in window coverings, from motorized and energy-efficient designs to app-based user control ? all with style, of course. ?

That said, we summed up the trendiest and coolest facets of window covering designs for you below. If your plain white blinds already look like 1995, they may look prehistoric now.
Sheer style
Even if you missed our post about fall interior design trends, you?ve probably noticed that sheers are popular without paying too much attention. Sheer window coverings are a good lesson in function because they both filter sunlight and let it in at the same time. It also helps when sheer window coverings look as fresh and high-end as Hunter Douglas?s designs.

There?s an app for that
Because of course. Hunter Douglas?s Platinum app lets you customize controls for its motorized window coverings via your phone, including touch-based remote control. Homeowners can also set their window coverings at a certain level during different times of the day or adjust the angle of their shades. We like.

On a roll?
Hunter Douglas?s roller shades are a good nod to traditional window coverings, but the patterned styles ? more than 47 different ones, to be exact ? are full-blown contemporary. You?ll love the ease of use, and if you?re just not sure how you feel about technologically adept window coverings, it?s a choice that keeps things simple for you.

Green light
Some of Hunter Douglas?s window coverings are Greenguard certified (they?re environmentally-friendly). The real energy-efficient innovation is in its Honeycomb window shades, though. The cellular design forms air pockets (the ?honeycombs?) that trap air instead of letting it permeate through to your home. The result? Your home stays cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.?

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Photos courtesy of Hunter Douglas