By Sam Ferris

It turns out the midcentury modern era was onto something, because let’s be honest: modern design is as relevant as ever. And we know that’s exactly the style a trendy homemaker like you wants for your bathroom.

So what does it take to build the quintessential modern bathing experience? We’ve thought of a few things, conveniently illustrated with visuals. Just don’t take our list as a step-by-step or all-inclusive solution – a true modernist would never put herself in a box. 

Photo courtesy of KOHLER
1. Subway Tiles
Subway tile was a popular choice in midcentury modern design, and it’s certainly still appropriate today. Only choose monochromatic designs, though. For a state-of-the-art look, buy subway tiles that are plank-like, just as the bathroom above has on its walls. It’s sleeker.

2. Stainless Steel or Metal Fixtures
Industry. The factory age. Stainless steel and metal fixtures are an ode to midcentury machines, but they’re also clean. Use them anywhere, including faucets, doorknobs, shower heads, lamps, drawer handles and railings.

3. White Ice
White appliances like freestanding tubs and rectangular pod sinks are as sharp as an ice pick. They’re not as in-your-face as a built-in tub or bulky vanity, so they’ll blend in naturally with the design you choose, especially when it’s an all-white design. Your bathroom will look far more cohesive and simplified.

4. Minimal Floors
If your bathroom feels like there isn’t a thing in it, you’re doing modern design right. Designing a minimal bathroom floor is a two-step process: Opting for larger tiles and monochromatic color schemes – like the bathroom above has – keeps it simple and allows it to flow. 

Photo courtesy of Interceramic USA
5. Natural Selection
Go back to basics with twigs and leaves. Nothing heavy. A light wood, yes. Heavy grains? Definitely not. Placing wood look tile on the floors and walls is a subtle (and totally fine) wink to the wood paneled walls of midcentury design.

6. Form and Function
Function is one of your top priorities in a modern bathroom. Notice how the one above conserves space with its vanity: there’s room for storage but it’s not overbearing. That’s function at its finest. Instead of buying shelves to mount on the wall, have them custom-built in the wall. Is it useful? Is it efficient? Is it practical? Is it necessary? Always ask yourself these questions when you’re designing a modern bathroom.

7. Open, Minimal Furniture
Hopefully a modernist like you isn’t planning to clutter your bathroom with furniture. Stay on the lighter side with one or two airy, deconstructed pieces that keep your bathroom spacious, like Moroccan-inspired chairs. 

8. A Pop of Primary
Don’t overdo it with primary colors. Stick to neutrals for your main color scheme and then strategically place pops of primary throughout, whether with linens or a mosaic backsplash accent. Modern designs use primary colors as features, not the main attraction.

9. Clean Colors
Blacks, whites, greys. They’re the Dolce to modern design’s Gabbana. Why? Neutral colors are relaxed and boundless, which is the look you’ll want in your modern bathroom.

10. Open-concept shower
Think transitions: A modern bathroom should be as seamless as possible. An open-concept shower with glass doors and a small (or non-existent) transitional barrier is just that.  

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